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Show Poster

The Art of Lettering and Other Paintings (March 5th - March 31st)
is a portal into the artist’s love of visual storytelling and hand-painted lettering.

James Eric Hartzell, originally hailing from Atlanta, GA draws from a diverse range of influences ignited by urban and rural experiences, live music and the ever-changing colors of nature, to fuel his artistic journey. From a young age calligraphy became an area of focus as James practiced during the school week in English and on the weekends at synagogue in Hebrew. This developed into an obsession with typography, mid-century fonts, hand-painted signs and vintage poster art; all of which deeply informs his creative process.

Guided by these passions, James has contributed to mural projects that align with his dedication to community transformation and unity. The artist immersed himself in the local arts scene since moving to St. Petersburg in 2015, making a career from commercial sign painting projects.

James believes that fonts each have their own sacred geometry and moods like instruments adding to the song of a design. Whether crafting intimate pieces or expansive murals, the artist seeks to captivate viewers with thought-provoking themes, unique color palettes and compelling narratives brought to life through paint, composition and line.