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"Community Service Starts Here" Mural at PPHS - Video
Acrylic Paint and Paint Pens,

Pinellas Park High School Mural completed 8-13-2019

"Community Service Starts Here" Mural is a tribute to my grandfather Jack, a Boca Raton, FL Firefighter in the 1950's passing on the "torch of knowledge", his figure on the right represents the past. The young man in the middle represents the present as a student in the First Responder program at PPHS, the young woman standing on the left is symbolic of the future.

Each letter in "Community" is an illustration symbolic of a branch of service; military, national guard, fire/rescue, first responder/EMT, police, dispatch, service dogs and coast guard. This mural took multiple trips over a two month period to complete. Grateful to the teachers, administrators and staff for all their help, feedback and support of handprinted artwork.

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