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Alex Morgan Warrior Princess
Alex Morgan Warrior Princess
Oil, Acrylic, Pen and Ink
12 x 18

Alex Morgan Warrior Princess” Acrylic and oil paint on wood panel. Artwork was created as part of the curated group show at MIZE Gallery called “Please Stand By” featuring 92 works inspired by TV shows.

Soccer players like Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan are modern day versions of the mythical Xena, warriors on and off the field as both professional athletes and advocates for social change taking on issues like LGBTQ Rights and Equal Pay. Even fighting the modern day political cyclops on Twitter!

Hence the mashup of the Greco-Roman outfit with a modern stadium setting, taking the armor worn by Lucy Lawless on the 90’s show Xena Warrior Princess combined with the uniform colors of the USWNT.

Sneaky details and background info: on the cleats is the #13 worn by Morgan, the so-called “controversial” pinky-out tea drinking celebration from the 2019 World Cup. Always excited to watch these ladies, of the United States Women's National Team, battling on and off the field of play, inspiring future generations to play the beautiful game of soccer or futbol.

Hand painted with One Shot Oil Enamel, Golden Brand Acrylic paints and Micron Pens.