• May the 4th Be With You Exhibit Ybor, Tampa

    May the 4th Be With You Exhibit Ybor, Tampa

    IG-88 Bad Robot Print

    Created for the May The 4th Be With You exhibition at the Bricks in Ybor, Tampa 2019. Sci-fi laden Star Wars references in the image are related to the evolution of technology and artificial intelligence.

    Hand drawn artwork on black canvas made with Posca Paint Pens. This image is symbolic of our relationships with technology and the concept of a "Bad Robot." Technically there are no good and bad robots, these machines are reflections of society and those who create, program and use these tools.

    The upheaval caused by the global pandemic is being exploited as a testing ground for new types of tech: a vicious cellphone surveillance software called Pegasus created by NSO Group has been reskinned as “helpful COVID-19 trackers” while hijacking our most personal data, Agricultural Drones are being used to spray disinfectant in Spain, reports of drones spraying chemicals on unaware, innocent civilians in Delhi, India. Robots are being used to check ID's and maintain lockdowns in Tunisia.

    What will the robots, drones and evolution of AI look like in the future as our lives are increasingly becoming interwoven with technology, will it resemble the IG-88 assassin droid pictured here from the Star Wars Universe? Will it take on another form entirely?

    Or does the real problem lie with the programmers, producers of and demands for such a spiraling technological arms race which only serves to widen the gap between the haves and have-nots?

  • Mural Project

    Mural Project

    Ongoing mural project on the exterior wall of the Flamingo Sports Bar in St. Petersburg, FL

  • Soccer Logo for DHHS

    Soccer Logo for DHHS

    Logo design for a man of the match and girl of the game, soccer t-shirts at Druid Hills High School

  • 10th and Final SkaterAid

    More on the blog about the tenth and final year of Skater-Aid, a fantastic charity event and community to have been a part of.

  • Game of Thrones Westeros Map

    Game of Thrones Westeros Map

    For SkaterAid 2013 a map of Westeros on a skate board split in two. Auctioned as two pieces North and South.

  • Decatur Screenprint La Furia Roja t-shirts

    I found an awsome local business, Decatur Screenprint to create screen printed footy themed shirts from my La Furia Roja design in four colors, blue, yellow, red and green.

  • Creations of the Workshop

    Ended up lending a hand helping to paint the newest master creation from the Workshopt, a two-person operated direwolf puppet built for a Game of Thrones event at the Atlanta Film Festival. Sketches up on the blog.

  • Footytees.com

    This is the first job I have been contacted about through my profile on Hireanillustrator.com so big ups to Darren and everyone at both Hia and Little Chimp Society of Illustrators. There is a featured artist page on Footytees including bios and links to artists like Brazilian, Samuel Casal. More designs to be posted as the community grows so check back often for new threads at Footytees.com

  • Hire an Illustrator

    I have just submitted my portfolio to hireanillustrator.com after setting up a new look and shortened domain name for this website. If you aren't aware of communities such as littlechimpsociety.com or hireanillustrator then check it out. Sign up for their always inspiring newsletters filled with artist updated content, contests, different traditional or digital styles and hot ideas for promo materials and new publications.

    More fine tuning to come on the portfolio site so in the interim please have a look at the sketchbook blog by Mike and myself...


  • Skater-aid, September 26th

    A huge success for local Decatur, GA based art auction Skater-aid bringing in a record amount of submitted artwork on skate-decks and total donations collected. The story of how the Skater-aid event evolved first as a tribute to Ian Wochatz who died from brain cancer at age 15 is unique and this cancer-benefit has become an annual celebration of life, skateboarding, community and expression.

    A mobile skate-park is set-up for the day, several local bands play while the silent auction goes on into the evening and closes one section at a time to encourage bidding. Over 80 pieces of art, including my Broken Levee Hermit, where auctioned off at an event which started small in 2006 and has grown into a true grass-roots celebration of art, youth and skateboarding. Check out the website on my links page and please get involved, you're only fifteen once, right!

  • 2010 Spring and Summer

    Skater-aid is a local cancer benefit and silent auction that will be held in Decatur during the last weekend of September, entries will be submitted on or made out of skate-decks.

    Looking forward to joining a free artist community at, thelittlechimpsocitey.com Hosted by Darren Di Lieto, amazing newsletters, check out the website's first publication Mail me art: Medium without a message.

    Successful show for Mike Lancette at the Tula Gallery on July 1st, more to come from such a talented creative mind.

  • Solo Show

    For the month of October at 105 Sycamore Pl Decatur, GA there will be a solo show in the resident artist studio space at the Ice House Lofts. I will let everyone know when this is opened to the public and or any updates on art happenings...

  • On the move!

    When your heart is in the right place the universe deals you a kind hand. I am on the move back home from the Savannah College of Art and Design, setting up studios back home in Decatur. Sometime between now and December I will have two editorial images published in the What's Up Annapolis magazine; needless to say I am over the moon about this. Check back for more updates about the excessive silliness of this fall's youth soccer season...